Nick Contarino established EAC in 1986 with the view to specialising in the repair of accident-damaged European vehicles.

Along the way, he has held factory repair status with automotive marques such as Porsche, Lexus and of course the ever steeped in tradition prancing horse, Ferrari. As part of our contract with Ferrari, we regularly travel to Italy to undertake ridged welding certification and current repair procedures and techniques.

Through our involvement in the repair of specialised vehicles, we are one of only a hand full of registered aluminium repair facilities in Queensland and keep up to date with current welding techniques and alloy repair methods.

Recently, we have seen a shift in the manufacturing process and materials used in the modern day vehicle. One particular change that stands out is the use of Composite Materials. EAC have recognised this shift and have aligned themselves with a company that has invested in training and major equipment, for repairs to composite materials, not just to an automotive standard but to a basic aerospace standard.

Due to the importance of safety and manufacturing advances in today’s modern vehicles, EAC subscribe to Thatcham for manufacturers repair procedure methods and have I-car industry recognised accreditation. Along with this, we strive to seek manufacturers’ documentation and procedures where at all possible.

Our staff are all handpicked for their required roles within the company and share the same mindset for quality without compromise. We repair cars with ‘passion’, not because we have to, but because we ‘want’ to and ‘like’ to – it’s what we do, and do best!