Collision Assistance

We know that you never plan to have an accident. But when you do, Exclusive Auto Centre is the place to call. We can arrange for a tow truck to collect your car 24 hours a day if needed, we will make the towing process as discreet as possible. We can provide enclosed transport if required. While we choose not to be aligned with any one insurance provider, we are recognized by most insurance companies, making the whole smash repair process easier for you.

collision assistance

Collision Repairs

We ensure your vehicle is repaired and restored to its original factory specification and finish. Here at Exclusive Auto Centre we use 2 main types of dedicated vehicle jig aligning systems. The first of these jig systems is the Italian manufactured CarBench, this system while it can be used universally to realign any OEM branded chassis; it is the only factory jig system that can be used in the chassis replacement or realignment of Ferrari.

The second system we can employ for the repair & realignment of a chassis is the French manufactured Celette Bench jig system. This is the bench of choice for brands such as Porsche, Audi, VW and other European vehicles. Dedicated jig aligning systems ensures your vehicle is repaired exactly to factory specifications. Accurate chassis alignment is crucial for structural integrity and driving stability for the vehicle as well as protecting the overall value.

Aluminium Repairs

We are a registered aluminium repair facility and hold current and up to date OEM approval with Ferrari for the repair & welding of any of the aluminium chassis & body units.

alluminium repairs


We have all the latest welding equipment which duplicates the vehicles welding repairs to manufactures specifications. These include AC-DC tig welders, Metal/Alloy/Bronze mig welders, invertor spot welder with SD card data recording the weld history per job.


Restoration, Modification & Fabrication

Exclusive Auto Centre has panel fabrication equipment that includes an English Wheeling Machine, Pneumatic Air Hammer, Roller, Swage Machine, Shrinker & Stretchers, Guillotine & a Folding Machine. With this equipment we can provide a full restoration service or rust removal to high end classic cars. To complement this service we have the skill sets to provide full metal finishing and if required, lead filling.

restoration modification

Spray Painting & Colour Matching

Here at Exclusive Auto Centre we can cater to all your refinishing needs, from small touch up’s through to complete resprays & colour changes on just about any surface you could imagine….. We take colour matching to a new level, and can take into account things like pigment layering, metamerism and colour temperature on an individual car to achieve the best colour matching outcome under all lighting conditions. We run 3 full paint systems that include Glasurit for most German manufactures, Dulux/Rock paint system for more Japanese manufactures & PPG’s environmentally friendly Envirobase for the majority of Italian auto manufactures. We also have the ability to use DuPont for vehicles such as Lotus.

Personalised Number Plates

We provide a number plate fitting & profiling service that can be customised to just about any vehicle, 99% of the plates we fit, we do so without the need to drill any holes, which retains resale value after their removed because there are no unnecessary holes in the bodywork & bumpers.

Vehicle Inspections

Because of our extensive knowledge in auto body repairs we can by appointment offer a Pre purchase vehicle inspections, to make sure your future Pride & Joy is all that it seems and to provide customer peace of mind.


We offer a high end detailing & paint rectification service, this can even include things like the reconditioning of alloy wheels, leather recolouring & conditioning, windscreen replacement, in fact anything you can think of we at Exclusive Auto Centre can help.